Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health operate 31 private hospitals and 111 Fitness & Wellbeing Clubs in the UK. It’s a unique offer, however when we started working with them spontaneous brand awareness was low.

We attributed this to a brand language that was very corporate and rational – lacking in emotional engagement. Together we developed a more playful brand language, one they could deploy across both hospitals and fitness clubs.

Then working as part of a core group of agencies, we refreshed and invigorated the brand everywhere – from brand and advertising guidance to sub-brands, from digital and print to brand experience.

In one year spontaneous brand awareness rose 72% and club membership exceeded all targets.

Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
Brand Identity System
Bespoke Brand Font
Brand Guidelines
Brand Environments
Brand Film
How being less corporate and more lifestyle raised brand awareness by 72%

Nuffield Health
In addition to the 72%
increased brand awareness,
Nuffield Health exceeded their
target by welcoming 55,423
new members to their Fitness
& Wellbeing Clubs.
Source: mediacom