Nuffield Health
Nuffield Health operate 31 private hospitals and 111 Fitness & Wellbeing Clubs in the UK. It’s a unique offer but spontaneous brand awareness was low.

This lack of attention was down to Nuffield Health not speaking a consumer-friendly language. Our advice was to stop thinking like a corporate brand and start thinking like a lifestyle leader. Ditch the business speak and adopt a more playful brand-language. One amplifying their brand across hospitals and clubs, allowing for flexibility yet bringing coherence.

Working as part of a core group of agencies, we refreshed and invigorated the brand language everywhere - from brand and advertising guidance to sub-brands, – from digital and print to brand experience.

In the space of a year, spontaneous brand awareness rose a massive 72% and club membership exceeded all targets.
How being less corporate and more lifestyle raised brand awareness by 72%
In addition to the 72%
increased brand awareness,
Nuffield Health exceeded their
target by welcoming 55,423
new members to their Fitness
& Wellbeing Clubs.
Source: mediacom