Centrepoint is the leading charity for homeless young people in the UK. Like many charities, the organisation and its responsibilities were constantly evolving, and they found it harder to define their purpose in a succinct way.

Ahead of its 40th anniversary, we began rebranding Centrepoint to bring clarity to the identity and more emotion and focus to the message. Our firm belief was that charities have to be far more direct about who they are and what they stand for. Around our single-minded proposition “Give homeless young people a future” we created a set of messages to appear on all communications.

Our new identity with its unmistakable mark – the ‘key’ to the future – clear typography and sensitive documentary photography by Claudia Janke gave the organisation a new face. Equipped with guidelines and key communication materials from fundraising invites to Annual Reviews, Centrepoint has the tools to communicate with clarity and confidence. Enabling them to make the realities of homeless life clear to a wide audience.

Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand Identity System
Brand Guidelines
Finding the key to a successful charity rebrand

“It’s certainly clearly communicated.
People know what we stand for.
It’s raised brand awareness because
it makes sense to people.”
Balbir Chatrick
Director of Policy and Participation
“Very responsible. Great at
finding solutions and using
creative ideas. Able to meet
very tight deadlines.”
Balbir Chatrick
Director of Policy and Participation