My University Hospitals Sussex

In 2021 seven hospitals represented by two NHS Trusts – Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals and Western Sussex Hospitals – came together to form a single Trust: University Hospitals Sussex. Consequently the charities representing the legacy Trusts also needed to brought together in a new charity.

We were asked to develop the brand for the charity, including its name.

In conversations with both members of the Trust and the Sussex local community we learnt two key things. First, the new charity would need to be able to operate at both a regional Trust level and also at an individual hospital level engaging with the local community. Second, and most importantly, we learnt that people in the local community feel very attached to their hospital and its charity. Giving to the hospital charity is investing both in the local community and in the giver, on the basis that everyone will need their hospital at some point.

The resulting brand is ‘My University Hospitals Sussex’ – both part of the Trust and owned by everyone in the Sussex community. To amplify the personal dimension of the brand we developed a bespoke handwritten typeface to lead the visual identity.

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Brand Architecture
Brand Identity System
Bespoke Brand Font
For the people of Sussex

My University Hospitals Sussex
“Patients are the primary beneficiaries of the charity. So people are investing in their community.”
“The charity belongs to the people it serves. Patients, staff, friends and the wider community.”
“The charity has to work at a ‘group’ NHS Trust level, but it must also be allowed to work at a local hospital level. We must never forget the communities we serve.”