The Women’s Institute

In 1915, the Women’s Institute set out to give women a voice and be a force for good in the community. Today, it’s the UK’s largest voluntary organisation.

We were challenged with making the WI more relevant to today’s audiences. And by doing that, usher in a new generation of members and help grow membership to 250,000 within four years.

The rebrand involved a new identity to reflect a more modern and contemporary WI. With their agreement, we replaced ‘Women’s Institute’ with the more colloquial ‘WI.’ Then we introduced ‘Inspiring Women’ – playing to who they are and what they do.

Initially received with universal excitement at their Annual National Conference the rebrand has since become a roaring success. New members rocketed by over 43,000 within the first two years and still show no signs of letting up. What’s been especially good is that most newcomers fall within the critical 25 – 40 age bracket – the very women the WI most needed to attract.

Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand Identity System
Helping the WI attract over 43,000 new members in just two years

The Women’s Institute
“You helped us to make
quite a big change, and
change isn’t something
that generally happens
easily in our organisation.”
Karin Hickey
Membership Officer
From 2010 to 2012 the
WI gained 43,600 new
members and formed
226 Women’s Institutes.