TGT work in a challenging world – every day the oil industry is under greater scrutiny and so wells must perform better and last longer. Old technology can’t meet today’s challenges. Which is why TGT have spent over 20 years creating the world’s most powerful through-barrier well diagnostic systems for the oilfield services market.

In simple terms TGT technology sees more. Giving customers the truest picture of what’s happening in and around their well.

The brand identity reflects TGT's core purpose – to reveal a greater truth. From a simplified and strengthened logo to a fluid, striking multi-layered pattern. The pattern system of circles and squares was engineered to represent TGT’s complimentary and connected service lines.

We worked across the whole brand – from visual and verbal identity to brand communications.

Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand Architecture
Brand Identity System
Brand Guidelines
Brand Film
A fresh approach fuelled by telling the truth

In an industry where better diagnostics can impact people and the planet, the TGT brand is built on a simple yet powerful idea – truth.
The pattern system of circles
and squares was engineered
to represent True Flow and True
Integrity, then colour coded
to aid customer navigation.
Following the brand launch, TGT revenue and earnings increased to record-highs, when all major oilfield service companies were underperforming.

2019 revenue ramped up +25% on the previous year and was +50% higher than the previous 3-year average.

2019 earnings jumped up +39% on the previous year, both factors reflecting significant sales and pricing improvement.

Pricing in the True Flow product line increased by +19% in 2019 and True Integrity Tube products leaped by +46%.