Seqvoia, a long established financial technology business, approached us to help them reposition their data management business for the asset management industry.

Speaking to clients as well as people internally we learnt that the business facilitates progress across multiple performance metrics. We evolved that insight into a brand positioning around the idea of moving forward on sure ground.

Forward on sure ground defines a client experience. An experience that progresses on sure ground. It implies innovation and looking ahead, but doing so in a considered and confident way. We believe that in a rapidly evolving asset management landscape it’s a well-advised approach.

The idea also provided the springboard for a new name – Avanterra – and the development of a supporting visual identity system.

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Forward on sure ground

Working with clients in the asset management ecosystem Avanterra develops, integrates and supports data management services.
“In 2022, after a careful selection process, we appointed the Nautilus to work with us on a complete rethink, rebrand and renaming of our company. Paddy and Ian engaged with us, and our clients, at all levels and successfully distilled our essence into a cohesive and compelling brand with creative and eye-catching visuals. In our eyes, they have more than delivered.”
Kate Loretto
Head of Communication and Marketing
Each software module has its own iconography and colour code. The system allows for future modules to be created.