Galliano traces its roots back to 1896 when Arturo Vaccari first made the iconic liqueur in the Tuscan coastal town of Livorno. Originally created to celebrate the exploits of an Italian Army Major called Galliano, it soon became a favourite and later gained international fame as a key ingredient in the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. But over the years the product ingredients had evolved, flavoured primarily with vanilla and reducing alcoholic strength. The brand owners, Lucas Bols, made a decision to take Galliano back to its original herbal recipe using only natural ingredients.

Repositioning the brand around the idea of ‘Spirito Italiano’ we developed a brand story that drew both on Galliano’s history and Italy’s distinctive sense of flair and style. This provided a starting point for the redesign of the brand identity, its packaging and the creation of various brand tools.

Among these brand tools is the Galliano Guida, now the who’s who guide to the bartending world across Europe and the Americas. Created as a guide, similar in style and form to the Michelin guide, this is the bartender’s must-have book.

Brand Strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand Architecture
Brand Identity System
Brand Guidelines
Making a stir with the best bartenders in the world

“Figures are excellent.
The trade is very excited
and sales are up in
all markets.”
Guenael Fily
Lucas Bols Global Brand Director
“I’m thrilled that Galliano is
finally being produced to
its original recipe again.
Galliano L’Autentico takes
this legendary brand back
to the classic traditions of
Italian liqueur-making.
Salute Galliano L’Autentico,
welcome back!”
Galliano L’Autentico is positioned
as an ‘A-list’ liqueur aimed at
the best bartenders and bars
throughout the cocktail world.