The Nautilus and Handsome Brands
May 2020
The Nautilus and Handsome Brands have worked together on projects for nearly twenty years. In that time just about the only thing that hasn’t changed is the need for brands to tell it straight, and tell it with a little imagination.

If, like us you’re wondering how brands will need to adapt to the new world order, it’s perhaps a good starting point. Now is the time to ensure your brand is focused and light on its feet. In shape for the road ahead.

It’s prompted us to make a significant change.

Instead of operating two separate businesses we have decided to unite under The Nautilus flag. Like all branding it’s a reflection of what’s going on under the surface – a long standing and productive partnership of strategic and creative thinking.

We’d love to see you when we can all move around again. In the meantime if you need to simplify and amplify your brand with a little imagination we’re here to help.