About The Nautilus
We’re an independent brand and communications business. Our focus is around core brand strategy and identity.

We’re interested in what’s under the surface, the substance that really sets a brand apart. The ingredients that galvanise all audiences, both internal and external. The magic that fires the imagination.

One process is a constant across all our work: distilling stories. Every project we’ve worked on has to some extent featured uncovering, focusing and articulating a proposition, point of view or narrative.

Working closely with clients we combine a strategic outlook, creative thinking, design and writing to shape credible and compelling brand narratives. We work across all sectors; from fashion brands to private banks, global real estate businesses to food and drinks companies, established brands and start-ups, anyone with a story that needs to be told.
About Paddy Sutton and Ian Haughton
We have worked as partners for nearly two decades.

Our collaboration and approach is best summed up by the idea of ‘informing and inspiring’. Together we combine strategic and creative skills to both inform brand thinking and bring it to life with imagination.

We set out to find what is true about brands and we focus on that, always looking for a solution that is both credible and compelling.

We’re light on our feet and attracted to complexities that need simplification, anything without an obvious answer. We’re sector, solution and execution agnostic.
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