The Nautilus TEST
We are inspired by what’s under the surface – the substance that really sets businesses apart.

We are brand infrastructure specialists: brand strategy, naming, architecture and visual and verbal identity systems.

We believe branding is a collaborative business. We set out to bring considered thinking, imagination and a flexible mindset to the enterprise.

The complexity challenge

Most of the brand challenges we tackle are complex on the surface.
When M&A activity brings businesses and brands together it’s not always an easy fit.
Businesses grow and evolve. Times change. Brands do too.
Start-ups create whirlwinds of innovation, raw energy and speed. Hitting the ground running with a credible and coherent brand focuses that energy.
Complex brand challenges are what we do – always looking under the surface for a single-minded idea and narrative that is credible, compelling and ownable. An idea that is easy to understand and get behind. An idea that informs and inspires all audiences – internal and external. And the origin of a sound brand infrastructure.

And while every challenge and solution is different our way of working always combines considered strategic thinking and compelling creative delivery.

Brand infrastructure

We don’t believe in fixed processes. We collaboratively agree an approach that will deliver the brand infrastructure the business deserves.

Along the way we have frameworks and phases to engage everyone involved.
1. Foundations

All projects start with questions and listening – understanding objectives, obstacles and opportunities, speaking to key people and reviewing relevant information. It’s about ensuring all the necessary insights to inform brand development are in play. We may do some of the following:
– Internal interviews
– Customer / user interviews
– Sector audits
– Brand & existing collateral audits
2. Brand strategy

Usually the nucleus of the projects we work on. This is about identifying and defining the central idea for the brand. It’s the brand pitch. It should capture the spirit and character of the business – where it has come from and where it is going. It serves as the springboard for everything else – from the visual and verbal identity system to ongoing marketing communications.

We have a model to inform this key phase of work.

If required this is also the time for brand architecture and naming.
3. Brand identity system

Successful brands reflect the central brand idea, both visually and verbally. It’s about building a system – more than a logo and a set of colours – that can be put to work, bringing the brand to life in a consistent and compelling way across all media. As well as visual assets it includes the verbal expression of the brand – tone of voice.

Together these three stepping stones lead to a fully developed brand infrastructure – the essential basis for a strong brand.

Beyond brand infrastructure we also provide ongoing support and activation tools – from brand guidelines to marketing communications across digital, print and film content.
About us

The Nautilus is a partnership that was formed nearly two decades ago by Paddy Sutton and Ian Haughton to combine strategic and creative skills.

We’re independent by design and we are the core team, preferring to work on all the projects we take on.

We’re supported by specialists – from typographers to digital designers, from coopywriters to film directors.

We’re light on our feet and attracted to complex challenges that need simple, clear answers.

“In all the projects where we have partnered with The Nautilus, the team has never once let me down. They are deep experts on brand and offer the kind of personal touch that is so hard to find, making them my go-to for brand work.”

Suzanne Collins, Head of Marketing at Close Brothers Asset Management
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